Town Facility Policies

Town of Walsh Facilities & Policies

Community Building Rental Procedure
The Walsh Community Building is located at 100 North Colorado Street in Walsh, Colorado.  It can be rented for occasions such as family reunions, birthdays, wedding and anniversary celebrations, meetings, garage sales and etc.  A fifty dollar per day fee will be charged for any use, except funeral dinners and scout club meetings.  There will be no exceptions for fundraisers, charitable events or users who want to reserve the building as a back-up plan.

Community Building reservations will require a non-refundable booking fee equal to one half the total rental price.  The booking fee will be forfeited for rescheduling or cancelling a reservation, otherwise it will be applied toward the cost of renting the building.  An additional cleaning/damage deposit in the amount of $100 must be paid before a key can be obtained. The deposit will be refunded after the building is inspected and found to be clean with no damage.  The responsible party could lose their deposit and be fined an additional amount for property damage.  Read cleaning and use rules.

Self contained RV's may be parked along the street on the north and east sides of the park only. Please contact Town Hall at 719 324-5411 to schedule your event.
Park Pavilion
The pavilion is located on the north side of the park near the Colorado and Ash Street Intersection in Walsh, Colorado.  Use will be limited to one day events for purposes other than the usual park and picnic applications.

A twenty-five dollar fee will be charged for occasions requiring extraordinary water and electric use, i.e. car washes.  Garage sales will not be permitted under the pavilion or in the park.  The responsible party may be ticketed for littering if the area is not cleaned after use.
The pavilion is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, to be worked out among users.  To aid park patrons in scheduling, signs may be posted specifying their function date and time, along with contact information.
Gem Theater
The Gem Theater is located at 400 North Colorado Street in Walsh, Colorado.  A twenty-five dollar fee will be charged for short-term events, long-term events (four or more days) will cost one hundred dollars.  The responsible party will be charged for the cost of propane used during their rental period.  There will be no exceptions to the fee and propane use charge, including charitable events and fundraisers.

The responsible party may be fined for property damage or if the facility is not properly cleaned before departure.  To determine availability, please contact Bob Morrow at 719 324-5408.